Abstract Clarity

from by Eviscerator



A shadow, a shell, a broken man
Enfeebled behind the eyes
A liar to all yet beloved by all
He hides behind a smile
Felled by a crippling sense of inferiority
Self loathing takes hold in a sea of mediocrity

There's no way out

An eternal feud inside his head
Unable to think, unable to breathe
He struggles to see the day
He feels his world fall from the inside
He's tired of hiding in plain sight

There's no way out
His time draws near
A moment of abstract clarity brings him to his knees

A brave face for the ones who care
This second skin, more than a man can bare
Seduced by the noose
Death is his release

Always alone in a crowded room
Now we weep on his cold tomb
He thought we took our love away so he let go

A brave face for the ones who care
He no longer hides in plain sight


from Slaves To A Discordant System, released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Eviscerator Wodonga, Australia

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