Aroused from the beating
With each strike my desire grows
Bruise me babe, make me bleed

I am fear

A peeping tom, a fiend
My perversity knows no bounds
Mummy thinks i'm a good boy while my urges drag me further down to the depths

I am fear
I am darkness
I will take your children in the night
Their innocence is their beauty
The thought of tasting their flesh is like sex to me
Mere copulation won't stem the urge of filth flooding my brain

I am the hand of god on this earth
He decrees that my work must be done
The needles beneath my skin invoke the prophet within

She sat upon my lap and kissed me
I made up my mind to eat her
So i choked her and tore her to pieces
Her ass tasted so sweet

I am fear

The word of god cannot be silenced
His will must be upheld

I am fear


from Slaves To A Discordant System, released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Eviscerator Wodonga, Australia

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