Reborn In Shadow

from by Eviscerator



A terror to allied forces
He laughs as his foes are cloven in twain
Sadistic, maniacal, in his search for power
Chosen by his leaders for greater purpose
To spearhead their quest to dominate

A plan to make gods of men, a race bred to perfection
They found bliss in their ignorance and never saw the beast within

Fodder for science, A way to crush their enemies
Reborn in shadow, the eviscerator has come

The instant his eyes opened his bloodlust was insatiable
A murderous hunger grips him at his core

His leaders lie slain
Their entrails spread like wings
Bearing his teeth his gaze is fixed upon the world

No longer a man but an animal he screams aloud at the sky
He fashions two swords from the bones of the dead and escapes with a glint in his eye
He hacks and slashes, he is frenzied in his new found lust for death
His blood boils and he shivers as he steals their last breath

His lair is a dank hole, a cesspool, hell on earth
No light shines, no grass grows
It's a place where good goes to die

Immortal with the strength of a demigod
He'll never be satisfied, he'll never cease

From the day of his rebirth, until all time stops
He'll stalk his prey, beware the eviscerator


from Slaves To A Discordant System, released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Eviscerator Wodonga, Australia

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