Slaves To A Discordant System

from by Eviscerator



The sky turns black as we prepare to be judged by a madman corrupted by greed

Promised freedom through enslavement without question or qualm
A shell prepared to obey
Democracy, a thing of the past
The tyrants word is the ultimate device to instill fear in those who'd rebel

Children torn from their mothers arms
Scorned, while in the womb
Forced to conform or suffer
Sadist, war monger
Eternal power within his reach
Assimilation awaits us

We've no hope to save ourselves
We're slaves to a discordant system

The day has come
Our voices are as one
The day has come
His supremacy can never be undone

Indoctrinated for his dark purpose
His territory is boundless
We crush all those who stand in his way
And leave this world drowning in blood


from Slaves To A Discordant System, released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Eviscerator Wodonga, Australia

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