Slaves To A Discordant System

by Eviscerator

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Anthony An excellent thrash influenced, death metal offering from this Australian band. I look forward to seeing them play live if / when they tour Sydney. Favorite track: Reborn In Shadow.
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released December 19, 2014



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Eviscerator Wodonga, Australia

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Track Name: The Eviscerator
Your life blood flowing
All your organs showing
You will die at the hands of the eviscerator
Your screams won't be heard, this lesson, you will learn
For you have died at the hands of the eviscerator

Lurking in the shadows, he has come to take your soul
With his sharpened blades of hatred he will use to disembowel
Before you see his face your torso will be cut in two
This wretched place of evil has become your tomb

No remorse
The killing will never end
Driven by instinct and malicious intent
Keeping trophies of his victims insides
This madness will never subside
Track Name: I Am Fear
Aroused from the beating
With each strike my desire grows
Bruise me babe, make me bleed

I am fear

A peeping tom, a fiend
My perversity knows no bounds
Mummy thinks i'm a good boy while my urges drag me further down to the depths

I am fear
I am darkness
I will take your children in the night
Their innocence is their beauty
The thought of tasting their flesh is like sex to me
Mere copulation won't stem the urge of filth flooding my brain

I am the hand of god on this earth
He decrees that my work must be done
The needles beneath my skin invoke the prophet within

She sat upon my lap and kissed me
I made up my mind to eat her
So i choked her and tore her to pieces
Her ass tasted so sweet

I am fear

The word of god cannot be silenced
His will must be upheld

I am fear
Track Name: Abstract Clarity
A shadow, a shell, a broken man
Enfeebled behind the eyes
A liar to all yet beloved by all
He hides behind a smile
Felled by a crippling sense of inferiority
Self loathing takes hold in a sea of mediocrity

There's no way out

An eternal feud inside his head
Unable to think, unable to breathe
He struggles to see the day
He feels his world fall from the inside
He's tired of hiding in plain sight

There's no way out
His time draws near
A moment of abstract clarity brings him to his knees

A brave face for the ones who care
This second skin, more than a man can bare
Seduced by the noose
Death is his release

Always alone in a crowded room
Now we weep on his cold tomb
He thought we took our love away so he let go

A brave face for the ones who care
He no longer hides in plain sight
Track Name: Reborn In Shadow
A terror to allied forces
He laughs as his foes are cloven in twain
Sadistic, maniacal, in his search for power
Chosen by his leaders for greater purpose
To spearhead their quest to dominate

A plan to make gods of men, a race bred to perfection
They found bliss in their ignorance and never saw the beast within

Fodder for science, A way to crush their enemies
Reborn in shadow, the eviscerator has come

The instant his eyes opened his bloodlust was insatiable
A murderous hunger grips him at his core

His leaders lie slain
Their entrails spread like wings
Bearing his teeth his gaze is fixed upon the world

No longer a man but an animal he screams aloud at the sky
He fashions two swords from the bones of the dead and escapes with a glint in his eye
He hacks and slashes, he is frenzied in his new found lust for death
His blood boils and he shivers as he steals their last breath

His lair is a dank hole, a cesspool, hell on earth
No light shines, no grass grows
It's a place where good goes to die

Immortal with the strength of a demigod
He'll never be satisfied, he'll never cease

From the day of his rebirth, until all time stops
He'll stalk his prey, beware the eviscerator
Track Name: Liars Of The Blood Stained Cloth
Liars of the blood stained cloth bringing false hope to the madness
Promises of paradise
Drip from their forked tongues
Souls as black as night and withered hearts writhe within

While you're on their holy crusade, your children are raped and beaten
All in the name of the lord almighty and so the priests can have their fill

Bow down before me my child and accept this sacred communion
I'll ram it down with ne're a frown
Don't cry sweet child, no, not a sound

His fists are bruised and bloodied from the ritualistic beating of the innocent
The naive will follow their dark fathers and gladly martyr themselves to to their divine cause

He stands over the motionless form, naked as the day he was born
With a quivering hand he strokes his erection and silently praises his god

Bow down before me my child and accept this sacred communion
I'll ram it down with ne're a frown
Don't cry sweet child, no, not a sound
Track Name: Slaves To A Discordant System
The sky turns black as we prepare to be judged by a madman corrupted by greed

Promised freedom through enslavement without question or qualm
A shell prepared to obey
Democracy, a thing of the past
The tyrants word is the ultimate device to instill fear in those who'd rebel

Children torn from their mothers arms
Scorned, while in the womb
Forced to conform or suffer
Sadist, war monger
Eternal power within his reach
Assimilation awaits us

We've no hope to save ourselves
We're slaves to a discordant system

The day has come
Our voices are as one
The day has come
His supremacy can never be undone

Indoctrinated for his dark purpose
His territory is boundless
We crush all those who stand in his way
And leave this world drowning in blood